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Introducing the Harp Blaster HB52 dynamic harmonica microphone, an exciting collaboration between HOHNER and sE Electronics. Based on the inspiration from a select group of professional players and modeled after the sound of legendary vintage harp microphones, the Harp Blaster HB52 sets a new standard. Designed as the perfect channel for the artist’s creative output, it’s comfortable to hold, cup, and use for long periods of time, ensuring that the music can flow unhindered and achieve maximum sonority and expression. Suited to the needs of touring professionals, engineered to uncompromising standards, it combines fantastic sound quality with optimal ease of use and maximum...

durability. It’s no secret that many contemporary harmonica microphones are sonically and physically lacking in comparison to their vintage counterparts. We set out to change that: Introducing the Harp Blaster HB52, designed with passion and high attention to detail by HOHNER and sE Electronics, specifically for today’s players. Instead of looking at competing products to sculpt the Harp Blaster’s sound, we took our inspiration from a select group of professional players. The goal was to create an exceptional mic ideally suited to their needs, engineered to uncompromising standards, combining fantastic sound quality with optimal ease of use and maximum durability. After all, if a microphone can become a seamless extension of the artist’s emotive output – rather than a distraction or an obstacle – the music can flow unhindered and achieve maximum sonority and expression. Together, HOHNER and sE chased down this ideal, creating a state-of-the-art product that will satisfy the most discerning harmonica player. Combining sE’s experience in dynamic capsules and acoustic design with HOHNER’s unrivalled competence in harmonicas for more than 160 years, the Harp Blaster meets the highest expectations of performing musicians and demanding sound engineers. Perfectly sized for easy cupping and handling, the highly reactive capsule responds directly to your hand technique and your musical expression. Moreover, the Harp Blaster HB52 was designed with input from professional harp players to ensure that it’s comfortable to hold, cup, and use for long periods of time. The high output level and high impedance will drive your amp properly without the need for any impedance converters, boost pedals or stomp boxes. In addition to its handy dimensions, the flat and sleek grille of the Harp Blaster ensures a tight cup and facilitates powerful hand effects. The Harp Blaster HB52 is a serious modern microphone using highest quality components. Handcrafted completely out of metal, it boasts a thick die cast body with zinc alloy parts and chrome detailing. Not only will it withstand the uniquely brutal conditions a harp mic can face on a nightly basis; it will do so while enabling vastly superior tone in comparison to other harmonica microphones. The mic features a volume control utilizing a Bourns® potentiometer and a diamond-pattern knurled chrome knob, making it slip-proof and reliable. If you’d prefer not to have a volume control, it can be disabled internally. We opted to use an XLR jack, as opposed to an attached cable, a 1/4” jack or a screw-on connector, to avoid a common Achilles’ heel among harmonica microphones. An attached cable can easily suffer a broken solder joint, transforming the mic into a paperweight until it can be repaired. An XLR jack provides better connectivity, that won’t become noisy or fussy over time like a screw-on connector or 1/4” jack, and its internal locking mechanism adds extra signal security – in case the cable gets tugged, snagged, or stepped on. However, the locking mechanism of the HB52’s XLR socket is also easily disabled, if that’s your preference. As mentioned earlier, this microphone is not delicate. In the throes of performing, you can drop it, kick it, and/or drive nails with it. It is built to be a roadworthy tool. Just do us a favor and don’t submerge it in boiling water, or anything similarly ridiculous. Barring that, it should last a lifetime!

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249,00 €Prix
    • Sensibilité du micro (dBV/PA)-35
    • Impédance du micro> 1000 ohms
    • SPL max.non applicable
    • Fréquences max.16 - 16,9 kHz
    • Fréquences min.22 - 24 Hz
    • Directiviténon spécifié
    • Spécialement conçu pourharmonica

    Le poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

    • Poids (emballage inclus)305 gr
    • Dimensions (emballage inclus)11,5 x 8,5 x 8,5 cm
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