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digital drum kit all dual zone with mesh heads 10S-8-8-10-8K, 10HH-12C-14R
3 tom (2-zone, mesh head)
1 snare (2-zone, mesh head)
1 crash (2-zone) with choke
1 ride (3-zone, bell/bow/edge) with choke
1 hi-hat (2-zone)
1 hh control (continuous type)
1 kick trigger (mesh head)

expandability: 1 tom; 1 crash
display: backlit lcd
polyphony: 64 (max)

trigger para:

sensitivity; threshold; head-rim adjust;
cross stick level; curve; crosstalk;
retrigger cancel; splash sensitivity; hh close point

drum kits: 50 preset; 49 user
ikit: 5
voices: 650 + 17 hi-hat; user (15m max
record: midi; audio
songs: 100 preset; 10 user


click voice; volume; time signature; interval select
tempo: 30 – 280

?external driver: usb (64g max)

dimensions lwh (mm): 1420 x 610 x 1170
weight (kgs): 28


999,00 €Prix
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