Housse pour guitare basse MONO VERTIGO : le partenaire idéal pour transporter son instrument en toute sécurité et tout confort.


"We've seen it (and done it) hundreds of times: grabbing the guitar out of the side of a partially unzipped case while standing up. We do this to save space, to save time, or to save our backs. This observation became the driving concept behind the Vertigo™, the world's first top-loading guitar case. The top loading feature might have been enough, but we went ahead and redesigned the Headlock™ for automatic neck support.


Then we created The Boot™, a rubber sole designed for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops. The game has changed. The Vertigo™ features a fully redesigned Headlock™ neck suspension system. No strapping, buckling, or belting required."


259,00 €Prix
    • color: Steel Grey
      Weight: 94 oz (that`s about 5.75 lbs, 2.61 kg)
    • Guitar quickly straps in and remains stabilized during transport
    • Waterproof Sharkskin™
    • Specialized storage compartments
    • Deep gussets make sure your small items stay put
    • The hidden upper pocket keeps your wallet, keys, and cell concealed
    • Innovative Neckbrace design provides a level of protection worthy of the finest instruments
    • Fits standard body electric bass guitars including Fender, Ibanez, Fodera, Warwick, Tobias, Yamaha