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Analog effect pedal heavy American overdrive RECTO DISTORTION
The NUX Recto Distortion pedal from the reissue series as a heavy distortion sound with tight bass response. It utilizes pure analog circuit to simulate that typical famous American pre-amp high gain tone from the 90s!

NUX SSD-10 Reissue analog effect pedal dynamic overdrive STEEL SINGER DRIVE

50,00 €Prix
  • • heavy distortion effect for hard rock and metal
    • extra amount of gain boost to the higher frequency for more "in-your-face" distortion effect
    • bass and high passive eq
    • true-bypass hardware switching
    • bass, treble, gain knob, master controls
    • input impedance: 1m ohms
    • output impedance: 10k ohms
    • current draw: < 20 ma
    • power: 9v battery or external ac adaptor delivering 9v dc regulated minimum 300ma
    • dimensions: 121(l) x 77(w) x 48(d) mm
    • weight: 230g

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