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GR BASS CUBE350/T - premium lightweight bass combo, 1x12" 350w 14kg, black tolex
GRBass comes from the mind of the Italian musician and engineer Gianfranco Rizzi. His amp heads, cabinets and combos were all desgined with one philosophy in mind: pure sound. This new and exciting line will be hard to resist for the modern bass player that looks for compact yet powerfull amplification that respects the pure sound of his instrument.


929,00 €Prix
  • The CUBE 350 combo is a powerfull, versatile and compact bass amplifier.
    - 350W RMS
    - 1x12 inch woofer
    - HF driver with 3 position switch
    - built-in tuner (or VU meter)
    - auxiliary input
    - antibump DI
    - internal power supply for external equipment (9V center negative polarity)
    - switchable fan (studio or live mode)
    - headphones out with volume control
    - deep switch, bright switch
    - low, mid low (3 freq), mid high (3 freq), high
    - pure sound (bypasses all EQ filters)
    - mute function
    - master volume
    - 5 years warranty
    - 14 Kg
    - 43H x 40w x 35D

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